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    I notice that so many companies only have Iphone and Adroid App's now and left blackberry in the dust. It's really unfair considering Apple and Andorid are nothing more than a FAD at the moment and one day will reach their peak before something else comes and takes them off the map. I think alot of this is because Apple and Android may be buying out contracts with large companies who also so business and provide for smaller which causes a triangle effect. It's so unfair because I still prefer Blackberry over anyone else but I hate to say I may be forced to part ways just for the fact that I need certain apps for business that are not provided for blackberry. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Or suggestions? Perhaps Rim could allow us to use a form of Android OS that we can also use android apps? That would be EPIC!

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    09-01-12 03:53 PM
  2. moegumby's Avatar
    That's why I have both a iPhone 4 and a Bold 9930. I can switch it up when I need to. But my go to device is still the Bold.
    09-01-12 04:09 PM
  3. PedroBorgas's Avatar
    From what i read, BB10 will save your day

    And if you want android apps, buy a Playbook(they're at sale) and sideload some apps

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    09-01-12 04:16 PM
  4. dbmalloy's Avatar
    As RIM makes its reputation on security.... unlocking its bootloader would be suicide... If Android is important to you... go buy one....

    As for going the Platform allowing an actual Android OS... why bother... you just end up with another Android device is a sea of Android devices...

    One thing that both RIM and WP8 have going for them is they are different... seing as both Android and even IOS seem to be getting long on the tooth..... something "new" might just allow RIM to stand out.....

    latest reports on BB10 have me finally encouraged that RIM is on the right track... Apple was so successful because the phones made it easier at the time to do things... In this multitasking world we are in.... the path BB10 is taking may just be what the doctor ordered.....
    09-01-12 05:08 PM
  5. jordanchp's Avatar
    Sounds great guys! I love what im hearing about BB10. Im going to hold off till then. Also I just purchased a new Playbook today and should get it next week.

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    09-01-12 06:31 PM
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    Cool. And you can have some android apps.
    09-01-12 07:14 PM