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    A while ago I went to bed while my torch was rebooting. I woke up to find it still rebooting, turning off and starting again. A full reboot later, everything was back in order except for appworld, which was the old 2.0 version. I could get all my old apps back, but I couldn't update appworld online as I was told my phone could not support it (it clearly can). Fortunately, a small update allowed me to download the new app world and everything worked well again for a week or two. But for the last month, not a single app will download. I have 12 updates available that will only download 100k before saying "there was a problem downloading, please trt again later". But even online downloads from Rim's website won't work.

    My os6 software is up to date with Telus and I'm at a loss for what to do. And since the gooeople at the rim helpline want to charge me 50 bucks just to talk to them, I stand here before you. Please help!
    06-09-12 06:49 PM
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    I should clarify. It was a battery pull that killed the phone, and I re-installed the os with desktop manager.
    06-09-12 08:43 PM