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    hey my fellow CB's...i have HulloMail and I love it, but I noticed after the most recent upgrade they had, I keep getting repeat notifications of missed calls that I already deleted off of HulloMail when I do a reboot to my tour. This didn't happen before. Any thoughts or ideas?
    04-16-10 08:52 PM
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    Bumpity bump...anyone

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    04-17-10 08:55 AM
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    I have the same issues, unfortunately I haven't figured out what is causing it. Also, I wish Hullomail would give you the choice of where to store the messages (phone/media card) and also wish that the message was actually deleted from the phone when it's deleted from the application (which it isn't as can be seen by browsing your music directory).
    04-18-10 05:21 AM
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    Any other takers or suggestions

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    04-20-10 08:37 PM
  5. 1452snake13's Avatar

    sorry to here you are having an issue with notifications. Can you drop us an emailwith exactly what your experiencing we will look into it for you, or message us directly via twitter?

    The HulloMail Team
    04-21-10 10:36 AM