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    I have a client that has upgraded from an old 7XXX blackberry on bell to the Bold 9700 (onyx) and has an issue.

    The CDMA network allowed by star short codes to manipulate your call forwarding, which could be assigned to speed dial for easy access and no memory required for doing so.

    With the Bold being on the HSPA network, those star features do not work and you need to go through the submenus and manually enter the call forwarding number.

    I have searched and not found any current app that tackles this issue.

    Essentially an easy to use GUI APP or something I am missing to help a real estate agent who using it as an office but not technologically proficient.

    Please and Thank you
    01-13-10 05:41 PM
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    I just thought of maybe a macro or script app, but nothing either from what I can see......
    01-13-10 05:58 PM
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    bump bump bump bump bump
    05-26-10 04:31 PM
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    Google "GSM codes" but support is carrier dependent
    05-26-10 04:56 PM