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    I was finally able to get the Blizzard Battle Net Authenticator working on my Verizon 9650 running OS 6.

    Things you'll need:
    1. A friend with a phone from a supported provider such as Sprint or AT&T (The $0.99 charge will be billed to them, but the app gets installed on your phone. This is so that Blizzard gets paid and everybody wins.)
    2. Firefox (link)
    3. User Agent Switcher (a Firefox addon) (link)
    4. Blackberry USB cable (or you can use the media card on your phone, if you have one)

    Step 1: Get the Authenticator download link

    1. Go to the authenticator sign-up page and enter the following phone information:
    Mobile Brand: Blackberry
    Phone: 9700 (v4.2 required)
    Operator: (enter your friends provider here)
    Note: You don't need to have a 9700. We pick this one because its similar to the 96XX.

    2. Enter your friend's phone number on the next page, and submit

    Your friend will receive a PIN number. Get the PIN and enter it in the second field and submit.

    Your friend will now receive a download link. This needs to be copied and sent to you. It will look something like this:
    http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/XXXXXXXXXXXX/blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8900_9000_1_0_0.jad

    Keep this link!!!!!

    Note: Your link will be the same as above, but all the X's will be replaced with random characters. This ensures that your link is unique and Blizzard knows it's you.

    Note: Nobody has been charged the $0.99 fee yet. This occurs when you actually use the link successfully.

    Step 2: Download the Authenticator installation files

    1. Install the user agent switching addon for Firefox (link). This addon fools the link into thinking that your browser is an older Blackberry running OS 4.2 (that's is the important part).

    2. In Firefox, go to Tools > Default User Agent > Edit User Agents...

    Click "New" and enter the following information:
    Description: Blackberry 8830
    User Agent: BlackBerry8830/4.2.2 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLOC-1.1 VendorID/105
    App Code Name: BlackBerry4
    App Name: BlackBerry
    App Version: 4.2
    Platform: Unknown

    Save it and exit the agent options.

    3. Now go to Tools > Default User Agent and select "Blackberry 8830" to enable your new user-agent. Your browser is now operating under the guise of a Blackberry 8830 phone running OS 4.2.

    4. In Firefox, enter the URL that you received from your friend's phone and hit enter. You should see a download dialog box. Save the file to a known location on your computer.

    5. After you successfully downloaded the .JAD file, you'll now need to download the supporting .COD files, or it will not be able to install.

    Enter the following URLs into your browser, one by one, until you have downloaded all of the following files:
    http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/XXXXXXXXXXXX/blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8900_9000_1_0_0.jad
    http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/XXXXXXXXXXXX/blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8900_9000_1_0_0.cod
    http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/XXXXXXXXXXXX/blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8900_9000_1_0_0-1.cod
    http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/XXXXXXXXXXXX/blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8900_9000_1_0_0-2.cod
    http://wap.bizmobil.com/content/games/XXXXXXXXXXXX/blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8900_9000_1_0_0-3.cod

    6. Rename the files you just downloaded, using the following format:
    blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetAuthenticator_Bla ckberry_1_0_0.jad
    blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetAuthenticator_Bla ckberry_1_0_0.cod
    blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetAuthenticator_Bla ckberry_1_0_0-1.cod
    blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetAuthenticator_Bla ckberry_1_0_0-2.cod
    blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetAuthenticator_Bla ckberry_1_0_0-3.cod

    Step 3: Copy the authenticator installation files to your Blackberry

    1. Plug in your Blackberry to your computer. Your Blackberry should show up in the list of drives on your computer. (If you don't have a USB cable, you can just use your phone's media card)

    2. Copy all 5 of the authenticator files into a new folder on your Blackberry.

    Note: If you're having trouble with this step, just Google "transferring files to my Blackberry". It's not that hard, but I'm not going to troubleshoot this step, since its the easiest.

    Step 4: Run the authenticator

    1. Depending on your OS (I was running OS 6), you'll want to either go to "Applications > Files" or "Media > Browse all media". The point is, you need to be able to locate the .JAD file that you just copied to your phone.

    2. Locate your .JAD file and click it. It will install like a regular application.

    If you get an error, you'll want to make sure you renamed all your files like I showed above.

    From here, it should be obvious what to do. Go to Battle.Net, and follow the instructions for attaching an authenticator to your account.

    Hope this helps!
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    01-26-11 09:24 AM
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    Can you share your install files ?
    Because i think all install have same file install !

    Tried your way and everything fine with me accept :
    Error " Check the reception in your area . If you have a signal , the servery maybe tem....."
    I wish just problem with server

    PS : my 8520 work with blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthenticat or_Blackberry_8520_1_0_0.jad

    and after i download jad file , just opened it and see other .cod file
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    01-29-11 11:45 AM
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    Can you share your install files ?
    Because i think all install have same file install!
    Install files should be downloaded individually, so they can be paid for.
    01-31-11 09:24 AM
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    Very complicated...is it worth the effort?
    01-31-11 04:07 PM
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    Great Guide.
    Worked fine for me using a 9520 Storm 2, using a 9700 (it's a v5.0 handset too) as the selected phone. Paid the US$0.99 via paypal, it gave me the link to download via SMS & email.

    Using that link with the Firefox/AgentSwitcher Combo and also wmlbrowser (to allow firefox to view the wml page in the download link) That gave me the file with the naming:blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetAuthenticator_Bla ckberry_1_0_0.jad and downloaded the other files as per the guide eg. _1_0_0.cod & _1_0_0-1.cod & etc...

    The only thing I had to do in addition was to enable TCP/IP settings & enter the APN for my carrier (3 mobile in Aus), it looks like the Battle.Net app doesn't use the blackberry apn as it gave a "check you signal strength-could not connect" error.

    Thanks Heaps. No longer do i have to try to rely on my old Gen1 iPod Touch.
    02-01-11 07:57 PM
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    Install files should be downloaded individually, so they can be paid for.
    All same client , i have wrote my guide in Vietnamese for my members forum which i managed .
    Each time you re-installed program it will gives you new setup code.
    0.99$ fee only for sms carrier which send you by network .
    Any1 have setup file for Nokia or Motorola can share ?
    02-09-11 04:38 AM
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    For me it was different. I upgraded to OS6, I have a Bold 9700. I ordered mine, then on phone I got "device not supported".

    My link was like this ht tp://wap.bizmobil.com//download/XXXXXXXX/index.wml
    I replaced the "index.wml" with "blizzard_mobile_auth_US_BattleNetMobileAuthentica t or_Blackberry_9700_1_0_0.jad" (took a guess) and it worked. The rest of the files I got from opening the jad file.

    I installed it, activated it, it's working but only on half of the screen. Maybe it doesn't detect right something with the new OS6 ? Still, it's working, I can see the codes so...

    Cheers, life saver.
    03-10-11 09:38 AM