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    This might work for other BBs too. This is more for non-Storm users since theirs works:

    1) You need an SD card in your device, otherwise Caching doesn't work. Make sure you have Mass Storage mode on and enabled so you can see it in Windows Explorer when attached by USB.

    2) Make sure you browser emulation is set to Blackberry.

    3) I couldn't use the latest Slacker software (Slacker Radio), I had to use v1.1.23 for Blackberry. You can get the actual .jad file here:
    www [dot] slacker [dot] com/dwls/bb/slacker_mobile.jad

    4) You also need the Slacker Station Refresher installed on the PC:
    www [dot] slacker [dot] com/support/help/portable/2.0/index.html?install_slacker_usb_station_refresher.h tm

    5) Now, I noticed after I marked stations to cache on my BB and then attached the USB cable, it just sat there. Then I went to the SD Card folder and found slacker.synclauncher.exe and an autorun.inf file there. This wasn't autorunning when USB attached. This is the Station Loader app and needs to be launched manually to begin caching. I created a folder on my desktop and copied both files there so I can easily sync when I plug in.

    The first time I got a VC++ error on the loader app, I found out I needed to update my Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86). Easy enough, just get it here:
    www [dot] microsoft [dot] com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=9b2da534-3e03-4391-8a4d-074b9f2bc1bf&displaylang=en

    I found upgrading to v2.0 broke my sync and lost my stations, so I'm staying with v1.1.23 .

    Hope this lengthy solution helps!
    07-17-09 09:02 AM
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    I went ahead and tried the new v2.0.2 on my 8830 and got it working great! Here's some updated info:

    Download Blackberry App World (direct from Blackberry) and then you can get slacker easier that way and many other freebies:

    www [dot] blackberry [dot] com/appworld/

    After I removed the old Slacker and installed this one, I also found you don't need the USB Sync Util because it's more for the Players and not BBs.

    I cache the stations I want and then close the Slacker app on the BB, then I plug in the USB and access the SD Media card. Run the "slacker.synclauncher.exe" file, It fires up and begins to sync up. When done, exit program, unplug USB and then open Slacker, you should see all the cached stations and be able to play without draining your battery and chewing up your data plan!
    07-17-09 10:45 PM
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    that's good to know. Step ahead of Pandora. It's a shame you can't update the cache OTA when the BB is powered. That would be truly slick. Could have it update OTA on the overnight while it's charging bedside.
    07-17-09 10:59 PM
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    Well, you could always select all the stations you have room to cache on your SD card and then plug in the BB to your Laptop or PC and it will charge while updating the Cached stations after you run the util from the SD card. OTA caching on the BB directly would take too long. I did 9 stations in 88 minutes via the PC. Also, as soon as you plug in the USB cable, the Media card goes offline and isn't accessible through the BB. The PC software or Windows explorer can only access the card then. Hope this helps.
    07-20-09 11:30 PM
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    card use on bb's still seems pretty limited. They don't have a backup program and backup to card capabilities do they? I'm probably getting a Tour to play with soon, and there's still these little things that bug me.

    Back on topic, some way to cache music is still better than no way.
    07-20-09 11:34 PM
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    Consider the SD card like a Flash Drive. You normally wouldn't back it up, however, you could use a backup util like Memeo to back it up upon connection. Windows backup might also do it. I know the BB Desktop only does the Handheld and apps, not the storage card.
    07-21-09 09:40 AM