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    I had to wipe my phone earlier today due to a BBM-groups calendar issue. I had backed up everything over BlackBerry Protect, and logging in to the BlackBerry Protect website on my computer shows that the backup was successful.

    However, after the wipe, I can't figure out how to restore the data on my device. Selecting the BB Protect icon on my device just prompts me to back up my (currently non-existing) data, which I haven't done because I don't want to overwrite my previous backup. There is no option to restore data on any of the BB Protect menus I can find. Can anyone help me out?

    (Bold 9900 on Telus, if it matters. Running stock OS Bundle 1346.)

    Thanks in advance!
    09-16-11 03:28 PM
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    I forget the exact wording -- but there is a wizard after launching BB Protect for the *first time* (and after inputting your BlackBerry ID) that asks if you want to "add this device" to your account or whatever. Once you add the device you'll get in and be able to select restore. It keeps a history of backups. So even if you accidentally backed up a new blank device, it would just be another historical backup that can be restored.
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    09-16-11 03:50 PM
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    Thanks, that did it! I had unchecked everything on the "Choose What to Backup" screen (not knowing that previous backups would still be accessible) and it gave me no option to Restore. But, when I selected everything and proceeded, it gave me the option to either Backup the device or to Restore it from a previous backup. Very helpful to know that Blackberry Protect keeps historical copies of past backups. Thanks for your help!
    09-16-11 04:56 PM
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    No problem. Always good to be to able help.

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    09-16-11 06:09 PM