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    I'm able to upload video to youtube then share it to facebook by switching to the destop version of youtube in the BB browser.

    Is there not another way that my take fewer steps?
    04-25-11 06:51 AM
  2. Kerri Neill's Avatar
    Here you go. It's a long explanation but is very simple:

    You can use your personalized upload email address to email a photo/video from your mobile phone. The uploaded content will then appear in your Mobile Uploads album. Since this is your personal email address, which will send content directly onto your Facebook account, be sure not to share it with anyone else.

    The email subject will be used as the caption of your photo or video, or your updated status if your email contains no photo or video. Note that photos and videos uploaded via email are visible to everyone by default, but you can change the privacy setting of any photo album by going to your Photos page and clicking "Album Privacy."

    To see what your personalized upload email is, be sure you are logged into your account, then go to the Facebook Mobile page.
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    04-26-11 01:18 PM
  3. djdonnyk's Avatar
    I followed the steps but when it hits my FB page the video doesn't show up?? The subject line appears as a status posted via email, any suggestions?
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    04-26-11 06:25 PM