1. surfergirl2009's Avatar
    Hi everyone
    I am new to the BB world, I got my first BB Curve in March and I am upgrading to the Tour and cannot wait, I hope it comes tomorrow.....I just fell in love with Blackberry's after getting my curve, I cannot live without it and after going to Verizon yesterday to play with the new Tour I cannot wait!!!! However, I was wondering how long does it typically take for apps, themes, etc....to catch up to being able to be loaded onto new BB's....I have a ton of apps that I LOVE and I am worried that after I switch over to my Tour it will be awhile before I am able to start loading them and getting them to work right....I know several people on here are having trouble getting apps to work, which is understandable since this phone was just released yesterday, just curious??
    07-13-09 04:38 PM
  2. redwanhuq's Avatar
    varies on the app. could be weeks to months. sorry for the vagueness.
    07-13-09 04:44 PM
  3. periwinklemoon's Avatar
    I had e-mobile Today Pro w/Weather pack on my Curve. They sent a minor upgrade email, oh about 2 months ago. Upgrade acted glitchy on Curve after that. After getting Tour yesterday I did not want to pay the $35 or so for the software again, so loaded it on my Tour to see if it would work. Not only does it function perfectly, but it responds better so far (less glitchy) than it did after the software upgrade was installed on my Curve. Gotta say, it looks a lot sharper on the Tour screen than it did on the Curve!

    Haven't put any of my purchased themes on yet.
    Or two of my faves, Vlingo and Vymail.
    Have to take these things in stages, make sure if it goobers it up I can pinpoint the culprit more readily.
    07-13-09 05:41 PM