1. jimnoone's Avatar
    The quick simple fix, take out your memory card and see if it works fine without the memory card.

    When I got my new Blackberry 8350i I loaded pics and synced some itunes songs. I worked great for a month then I got app error 523. I called blackbeery support and they directed me to reload the software. I did and it worked but it wiped it clean and I had to redo all my preferances. Then a week later I got the same error message. I called support again and they said it must be a software issue and sent me a "new" phone. I re-loaded everything on the new phone and it worked great for about a month. Then I got the app error 523 again!! I re loaded the software and re did everything. That worked for about a week, then app error 523. I was pissed!! I called support again and they sent me another phone. As soon as I put in my sim card and memory card I got app error 523. I was livid!! How could this keep happening, why do I still get this error??!! So I powered up the phone without the memory card and it worked great! It must have been a song, or a picture on the memory card that the blackberry didn't like. I plugged in the memory card into the computer and deleted all the songs and pics and now it works great.

    If you keep getting the app error 523 and have tried everything else take out your memory card and see if you are still getting the app error. If you phone works fine without the memory card it must be something on your memory card.
    08-07-09 07:56 AM
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    You can dl virus' to ur fone just like a computer. You rly have to b careful. Corrupt files can destroy ur BB..

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    08-07-09 08:26 AM
  3. lsumrell's Avatar
    I have been getting this a good deal too. So far the first attempt was to format the memory card. We will see how that does. I will report back.
    08-08-09 07:40 AM