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    I set up a work account with my work e-mail address for my boss, which linked a profile picture to my work e-mail address. I since changed all the settings on Facebook to my bossís information including e-mail address and removed my e-mail. However, when sending an e-mail from my work e-mail to my blackberry e-mail account, my bosses profile picture still shows up. I have changed the settings in the Facebook app, and even deleted the app all together, but the picture still shows up. I also resent my service books. So as of right now, no Facebook app, resent service books and deleted/add e-mail account, but still, his profile picture appears whenever I send a work e-mail to my Blackberry e-mail account. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the profile picture?

    I am running on .151 on my Verizon Storm.

    07-23-09 08:42 AM