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    I bought Nobex Premium but after having "Wiped" my BlackBerry 8330 because of other problems I now only have Nobex standard. How do I get back what I paid for? Moreover, most of the stations refuse to play giving me a this error code, "Detailed error [Code 201 HTTP respose code: 404 [java.io.IOException]"
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    09-17-09 11:31 PM
  2. nobex's Avatar
    Hi there, Nobex here.

    Premium registered the PIN of your BlackBerry on the server as premium user, so after wiping, the regular Nobex Radio Companion should automatically know that you are premium, and allow you to stream the international stations, for instance. So please try this, and let us know. As for the 404 error - this happens if the stream changed, and the older value does not work anymore. We are constantly monitoring and modifying those. Please let us know through an email to support@nobexinc.com with what stations you are having an issue, and if the Premium issue is solved.

    09-18-09 04:10 AM