1. 8675309jenny's Avatar
    How can I purge BBSSH's config files so I can get a truly clean reinstall? Alternatively is there anywhere where help about BBSSH can be found now that the author had to take down the forums because of spam?

    I bought a used blackberry explicitly to run BBSSH and it's been working great for a few months. Now it says

    Failed to Load
    BBSSH was not exited cleanly; or you may have
    installed an older version of BBSSH.  If you
    do not wish to attempt to reset data, choose
    'exit without reset', then restart BBSSH.  If
    you have received this screen more than once
    in a row, it's recommended that you reset
    Settings at minimum.
    x Remove all saved connections
    x Remove all saved keys
    x Remove all macros
    x Reset all settings/preferences.
    x Reset keyboard shortcuts to default.
    Select All
    Exit Without Reset
    Reset Data
    No matter what checkboxes I check and how I reset or not, this is the only screen I can get when running BBSSH. I've tried various combinations of uninstalling via the windows blackberry app and from the blackberry's menus and reinstalling OTA and from the windows desktop app. But this is always the only thing I see on starting BBSSH.
    05-12-12 10:29 AM
  2. Marc_Paradise's Avatar
    Hi there!

    What version are you running? The latest beta builds (2.1) are a little better about performing this cleanup/recovery than older versions, though still not perfect. If the latest stable beta (browse to http://dev.bbssh.org/bbssh from your device) does not correctly reset this, please let me know and I'll see if I can hack out some kind of clean-up tool for it (that's long been on my list of "to do" anyway...)
    05-12-12 11:27 AM
  3. 8675309jenny's Avatar
    Thanks for responding! It looks like I'm using When I visit Please choose your BlackBerry OS version from my 8820, I get a chance to replace it with, but then I get
    908 Invalid COD
    . This may be because I have system 4.5 which, as far as I can tell, is the furthest my 8820 can go.
    05-12-12 09:04 PM
  4. 8675309jenny's Avatar
    I backed up my blackberry by the desktop tool, took out my MicroSD card and wiped the entire blackberry to factory default by Options->Security->Wipe Handheld

    I was able to reinstall BBSSH from scratch this way.

    Also, my blackberry was unlocked and after the "wipe handheld" it stayed unlocked.
    05-20-12 10:38 AM