1. bigevent's Avatar
    I am a new user of the blackberry and I love to use it for my blog.
    I found that NYTimes app is super cool and simple and I would like to create that kind of app for blackberry with my blog website.
    I might just end up using blackberry web browser and I can make my blog simple but if it is possible I want to try to make my own apps. I am wondering what I should start with for my goal.
    Can anyone give me some tips for my plan.

    Thanks a lot and have a good Halloween.
    10-30-10 06:48 PM
  2. cmolson's Avatar
    I don't have a blog, but any blog I read usually has an RSS feed along with it (built into some things like drupal etc and wordpress I think).

    RSS readers are not new, and have been done time and time again. If I were you I would look into making a simple RSS reader, and just code in your RSS address. It would be simple, have the latest info and work great.

    Start by downloading (like ny times) some other rss readers or apps that just display a single list of news. Take the best things from them and use that as your goal/requirements.

    Good Luck!
    11-05-10 05:59 PM