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    I'm trying to install an app called Meboy and I got an error. Meboy is supposed to work with the curve, specifically the 8330. I did some research on how to install it one referenced Roxio Media Manager. I could not find a download for it and the thing that I found that was even close was that it came with Roxio Media Creator 2009 but couldn't find that either.

    P.S.: I attached the a screen shot of the error.

    04-14-11 04:15 PM
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    you should be able to just download and install the jad file from the website itself using the phone. Otherwise you could put the file on your sd card if you can't do it straight from the phone/website and install that way
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    04-14-11 04:17 PM
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    What is the file extension that you are trying to install? A .jad is installed directly to your BB from the website, a .cod file needs BBSAK or some other PC software to install. I looked up Meboy on the web and it shows it as a .jar file. I have found these to be problematic and not very reliable.
    04-14-11 04:41 PM
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    It come with a jad file and a jar file
    04-14-11 07:19 PM
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    You can use your BB browser to navigate to the website & download/install it. You can copy the jad file to your SD card & install it from there. You can install it from your PC via the usb cable with a program called BBSAK or BBMCP.

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    04-14-11 07:32 PM
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    hi, where do you download those things you install? i dont know where to.
    10-06-12 11:37 PM
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    I've never gotten .jad files to work with OS6.
    10-09-12 12:51 PM