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    Having a heck of time getting three 3rd party apps to run on my 8830 with hosted BES from Sherweb. I have VZNAV, Vlingo and Pandora. All require permissions to be changed and I can't change them on the device. The "allow" setting is unavailable. Running OS 4.5.138, the standard issue Verizon OS.

    I contacted Sherweb tech support which has been good in the past, to help me with this, even sent them links from Verizon and Vlingo on the necessary BES settings and nothing has happened. It has been five days since I began this journey. Can't imagine what the issues are that are taking so long for them to modify settings as indicated in the links I sent them.

    Try driving along and giving the "ok" to permissions to get Vznav to work. Hit the side button to activate Vlingo and the permissions screen pops up every time. A royal pain.

    I think Rim needs to rethink what third party apps are about for BES users. They are so accustomed to locked down devices that the idea of giving the user some control over their device doesn't make sense to them.

    Not sure what Sherweb's issues are in this, as they haven't let me know why they haven't made the permissions changes which are certainly documented well enough. They sent me two emails saying their "level three tech is working on it"....for days!
    08-14-09 12:00 PM