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    * This program is similar to the pre-installed Notes app on your device, but this program provides additional functions that will help you to keep your life focused and on-track for success.
    * By using this Home work application you can keep track of all your home works very easily.
    * You can add your home work date, work name ,description, priority . etc.
    * By using this app you can easily navigate home works using search.
    * You can search using note or date or both.
    * You can send your home work status to your parents or teachers.


    * You can add unlimited Homeworks.
    * Track your homework and its statistics very easily.
    * Easily classify your home work as completed, not completed and delayed.
    * Review all your homework status using Bar Graph.
    * You can search homeworks very easily.
    * You can send your Homework status to your teacher or parents.

    Click here to down load app
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    Didn't you post this same thing a few days ago?

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