1. crwmlw#IM's Avatar
    Hi everyone myself and my wife just purchased 2 new storm 2's last night and I installed the weatherbug app on both phones and my wifes was fine as far as finding my gps location but I cant get it to find it on mine. Just says searching the whole time. What gives? Any ideas please?
    11-07-09 08:28 AM
  2. Rig415's Avatar
    I have found that If you close the app... then open something like BB maps and start a GPS location in BB maps.. Once you have been found there on BB maps.. you can close out of BB maps.. shutting off the GPS before you close the app.. then Restart Weatherbug... I will find you right off... Sometimes the GPS needs a little kick to the **** to start working... Hope this helps.. it is what i do with the S1 when weatherbug wont find my location..
    11-07-09 09:03 AM