1. i.prolific@gmail.com's Avatar
    I just updated my Strom to OS 5.0 and for some reason my Poynt app doesn't have the 'reverse lookup' option anymore for phone calls I get.. Am I the only one?
    10-27-09 10:36 PM
  2. uvaj06's Avatar
    Hi, I'm running a 5.0.0.xxx hybrid appversion on an 8330 and I just downloaded poynt OTA from their website since appworld doesn't work on 8330 with os 5.0 and poynt is showing reverse lookup for me, when you upgraded to os 5.0 what version of point did you carry over, is the most recent and should work for you, check options>applications>third party apps and look at the poynt version if not the most recent, delete and download the newest one... That's should fix it

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    10-28-09 12:48 PM