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    Full disclosure: While tech savy (was a CCNA at one point), I'm a BB n00b; just got my Tour about a week ago.

    I downloaded the "apps" for media that I like. The WSJ and NYT are giving me headaches though. Unlike the app for Bloomberg or Time, the WSJ app doesn't have a close/exit option, so I just lived with it running permanently in the background, although that kind of bothered me. Then I tried to launch the NYT app, but it crashed and failed to open. Now when I co to "Switch Application", there is a blue file folder image (very reminiscent of the C:\ Windows icon) with NYTimes written underneath it, but when I click on it to try and close it my BB crashes again for about 10 seconds.

    I took the battery out to do a hard reset, and while this finally closed the WSJ app, to my horror the NYTimes blue folder app was running yet again!

    Btw, IMHO, it's ridic that when you hit the red end key apps don't close. Also at the very least there should be a short cut to close apps from the Switch App window; I shouldn't have to go back into an app to close it
    08-04-09 03:57 PM