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    I have a BB curve 8310 with At&t. I downloaded it last week and it work perfect! Then I went to use it today at work and I started receiving an error message: unexpected network error occurred: tunnel failed while checking license," then I press ok and another error message pops up, " unexpected network error occurred: tunnel failed while signing in,"

    i have tried the following things:

    1) I have changed all 3 settings to allow
    2) I have deleted, powered down and downloaded again
    3) I made sure the emulate (or whatever) was on blackberry
    4) I have made sure the firewall is disabled

    Is there anything I can do?
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    08-31-09 10:18 PM
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    That happened to me and I did a battery pull and it fixed it.
    08-31-09 10:26 PM
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    im sorrrry it wont work
    08-31-09 10:43 PM
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    Try moodio.fm, I am using it for streaming radio and loving it. It's not an app but it accesses the BB media player directly from the browser. Works like a charm.

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    09-02-09 12:23 AM
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    Go to Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP and enter an APN:

    (Enter the following)

    Username: WAP @ CINGULARGPRS . COM
    Password: CINGULAR1

    note: the user name above (has no spaces) crackberry wouldnt let me post it

    hope this helps someone else
    09-03-09 10:42 PM