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    Hello all. I'm new here. I had to delete my NYTimes application from my BB and now I am unable to get it back. Even though The New York Times discontinued support for it in July this year, my app was working until today with no issues, downloading all news as it did before. In prior occasions I deleted it and I was able to get it back from the nyt mobile site, but they have revamped their links and the download is no longer available. I've tried googling it but all links point to the nyt site, so no luck.

    I was wondering if there was someone out there that would have the installation file for the app and could send it to me. As I said, I'm new here and not that knowledgeable in BB, but maybe someone out there having the app installed could 'image' it from their device and email it to me (ivillacasado [at] hotmail.com), if that's possible? That would be very much appreciated.

    My device is
    Blackbery 9700
    v5.0.0.344 (platform

    The NYT app was (sigh!) version 1.1.1

    Once again, thanks in advance.
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