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    I have a Curve 8320 and I keep getting errors saying (net app facebook not responding) or any other app I attempt to open lately. It started recently though. I think it's one of my apps. My current apps are:

    Facebook 1.6
    Pandora 1.1.1
    BB Messenger 5.0
    Pageonce (Personal assistant)
    Quick Launch
    Berry Weather 1.5
    Bolt Browser
    Memory Manager
    Quick Pull Pro

    I received a phone call and I got the error (phone app not responding) and couldn't even see who was calling. I heard that BB messenger was buggy, but could it be responsible for this?

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    Well there have definitely been a lot of problems with 5.0 so I wouldn't be surprised if that was a problem. Try battery pull, resend service books??

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    08-06-09 12:01 AM
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    Yeah, I did a battery pull and that fixed my issue; for now. Funny thing is that when my phone wasn't responding, I did a battery pull and after reloading, my media card wasn't accessible with no videos or ringtones. I freaked out a bit and did another battery pull and voila! Pretty strange... :-l
    I think bb messenger 5 is the culprit.

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    08-06-09 12:09 AM
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    I know Facebook is having problems today.
    08-06-09 02:29 PM
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    So is Berry Weather its been having problems over the last few days :/

    http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/ber...updated-285987 <----more on BerryWeather issue
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    I also noticed Berry Weather's update failures recently on mine. The issue is consistent though. I reset my bb, everything's fine for a while until it starts acting up again and says "net bb app Phone, Pandora, Bb messenger, (or anything else) fail". I did perform a back up just in case. Is anyone else experiencing the same issues and uses any of the apps that I listed? I don't want this to happen anymore.

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    08-06-09 05:16 PM