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    Hope someone here can help me. I'm new at this bb stuff. Tried downloading 3 apps : 2 grocery shopping lists and one for switching the phone to airplane mode. next thing I know I lost my network connection at first but checking the options it said that everything was on but simply i had no network and couldn't make it search for the network it just didn't respond I did a soft reset and when it finished I lost my home screen ( it was just black) the only button that responded was the send one (green one for making calls). I couldn't even turn the bb off. tried resetting both soft and hard and didn't work. then plugged it to my computer ( it's a mac laptop so most of the times I can't even finish the sync and it crashes before it's all done) anyway after plugging it and restoring the bb to a previous back up it looked ok, but most of things are not working properly. the bb app world doesn't work. I tried checking the applications in the options folder now and it started building the list and just stopped at 73 %, it doesn't recognise the media card... a massive mess. don't know what to do. as I said nothing seems to work properly anymore..... don't know much about blackberry fiddling bits as I just switched from an iPhone. please help!!!!!!!!!!
    05-30-10 05:51 AM
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    Firts thing before panic is a battery pull. With the phone turned on remove the battery. Wait 60 seconds or so and reinstall the battery and reboot.

    If that fails come back. This will be resolvable. Not to worry.

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    05-30-10 06:06 AM
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    thank you ! it worked, I wish I had posted this earlier
    05-30-10 06:53 AM
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    You are very welcome for the help. Glad it worked.

    Many BB gremlins are cured by battery pull. Some people do a pull after every app installation or deletion. Not me. But at least one time a month is routine.

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    05-30-10 08:03 AM