1. stephaniepotter's Avatar
    Installed this app today but just does not seem to be working!
    Just thought I'd check if I'm doing anything wrong myself before contacting them.
    I go into it, go to 'share' a photo, go to configure/share on Facebook and it loads up Facebook. But then... what next?! It just loads my newsfeed etc... Never seem to get to anywhere which actually connects insta photo to my facebook?
    Just massively confusing...
    Any help appreciated
    02-06-12 11:35 AM
  2. Tammm86's Avatar
    Hi Steph,
    I had the same problem. Finally fixed it. When I went to upload Instaphoto pic and the share screen comes up with Twitter, Facebook, Tublr; I clicked on the Facebook box where it then took me to the facebook site to log in. Instead of logging in, click on the blue highlighting that says "trouble logging in.......go to simplified page" along those lines anyway. It then brought up the same type of log on screen where I then logged in. This then brought up a page that says Instaphoto would like access to..... then click allow at the bottom. This worked staright away. I hope this works for you also!!!!!!!
    03-04-12 05:38 PM