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    To start, I'm brand new to the crackberry/blackberry world! Last week I got a Curve 3320. I've purchased and installed the program Grid Magic to be able to use my Excel documents or create a spreadsheet from my curve. The question I have is, how exactly, do I get my Excel documents on my curve? I can't find any information on this when reading about the software. I'm guessing it has something to do with the sync manager but I just can't figure it out. Can anyone help me with this? Has anyone used this software or at least have experience in getting documents (not applications) on their bb? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    07-02-08 12:59 PM
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    I have no experience at all with that app... but I assume it can read Excel files.

    You need to load the files onto your device using Desktop Manager! You plug in your Berry to your PC, open DesktopManager and find the file you want to load. Load it into the documents folder on your device memory. (if you have a microSD card you can do the same thing... or use Mass Storage mode and drag the file into the docs folder on your media card!)

    Welcome to CB!! Hope that helps!
    07-02-08 01:08 PM
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    Thank you so much for the quick response! Ok, so I've put the document on my media card but now, how do I go into the document?
    07-02-08 01:23 PM
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    As I said, I am not familiar with the app!

    I assume there is some menu to open the document. And then you navigate to the directory with your file in it... and open.

    Sorry I cannot help any more, as I have never used this!

    In the meantime, try Docs2Go!
    07-02-08 01:24 PM
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    Yeah, that's probably what I should've done in the first place (docstogo) but this seemed like the cheaper option. I tried the menu thing and I can't get it to work. Thank you for your help though. I really do appreciate it.
    07-02-08 01:27 PM
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    I have only used the free version of Grid Magic. I have EMAILED my spreadsheet as an attachment to email. Pressing the MENU key while reading the email gives an option to open in GridMagic.

    Unless there is an update, it canNOT read files on the SD card. I have not tried but you may be able to move it from the card to MEMORY. The Media Player application can be used. Merely open Media Player, press MENU (key to left of trackball) and then choose EXPLORE. You can explore the card and while doing so, press Menu again and chose MOVE. Move the item to internal memory. Again, I have not tried it that way but it might work.
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    07-02-08 01:55 PM
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    Ok, I can read the document but I'm not able to edit it. Thank you so much but the emailing it to myself seemed to work. I'm starting to think there is an issue with the program because first of all I just noticed it says Trial Version, even though I paid for the full version and second, I don't get the option to open it in Grid Magic. It just says open and then opens in a read only format. I guess I'm going to try to call Handango to see if I get help there. Thank you for your help!!
    07-02-08 03:26 PM
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    As I wrote, I downloaded what I think they call their Community version which is FREEWARE. It is more limited but does allow editing. Although, frankly, editing on the small screen with tiny keys is not all that easy.

    It does sound as if you don't have the full version you paid for.
    07-02-08 03:48 PM
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    Have you registered the product, when you open it hit the menu button then about and it gives you the option to register with the product key you should have gotten with your purchase. I only use the free community edition also so I am not familiar with the ability to edit documents. It does allow me to create new ones though.
    07-02-08 03:55 PM
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    If any one can figure out how to use Grid Magic to open files on a media card let me know. I am able to open and save excel attachments sent to me by e-mail, but I would love the versatility to open directly from the media card. Thanks for your time.
    08-03-08 11:00 AM
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    It says on the Docs to Go website that the program only works for OS 4.5. So does this mean the brand new curve 8330 I bought this week with 4.3 won't work?

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    08-03-08 06:04 PM
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    Here is the easiest way to open files...
    Go to your pc and send an email to yourself with the attachment file
    Receive the email on your phone and choose open with Grid magic
    Now you have the file in Grid magic then choose save as,and save it on your phone...
    Hope this helps...
    08-04-09 11:27 AM