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    I can't find Shazam on CrackBerry, and I can't make the BB apps page work at all. I don't want to browse apps from my BB, it takes too long, I want to look at them online - but it will only let me look at their featured apps. Even though I have the BB apps application on my phone, it keeps telling me to add it. Very frustrating! And all the links on other sites for certain apps take me to the apps main page and you can only view featured apps. When I try to register to get help in the forums, it asks for a phone ID # and there is nothing comparable in my phone (printed on a sticker under the battery). I have had it with their site! But since it is not available here, unless someone knows how to get it I guess I will have to wait until my phone charges and slog through their slow app world to find it.

    Anyone know where else to get it? I have a Storm and use a Mac.

    07-30-09 11:15 AM
  2. Volcomite's Avatar
    It's that hard? I googled shazam for BlackBerry and got this immediately:

    07-30-09 11:58 PM
  3. Volcomite's Avatar
    Oh yeah, should mention its incredibly limited. Which sucks. I use Verizon's SongID. To get that, go to the home page in the browser and hit "Get Apps" if you want to check it out
    07-30-09 11:59 PM
  4. GooTz66's Avatar
    Check out the How To Use Search thread in my sig. When all else fails GOOGLE
    07-31-09 12:02 AM