1. lazyemily's Avatar
    hi everyone:

    i just got a Bluetooth, Motorola H17TXT (which will read my text msgs)

    It says for it to work, i need to download the MOTOSPEAK app from the App world. The problem is.. i dont have a data plan!!! (well I have the social plan, so therefore no app world or browser).

    I have no idea how to get this onto my phone. the link in the instruction panphlet to download it (so I can get it outside from the app world, drivesafe.ly/motospeak) is still inaccessable through my phone because I don't have data.

    is there any workaround for this? it sucks that I have this special BT and wont be able to use it..
    06-09-10 03:06 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You are out of luck then. Because not only do you need data to install the application, but it seems that you also need a data plan to use the application.

    faqs DriveSafe.ly
    What requirements does my phone need for DriveSafe.ly to work?

    Operating System (OS) Version 4.5 or later. DriveSafe.ly usually works best with the latest OS. To check your O S on your BlackBerry, click:Settings -> Options -> About

    We strongly recommend you use DriveSafe.ly with a data plan because you need an internet connection to connect with our servers for each message that is read out loud. We don’t want you to unknowingly rack up a huge phone bill. Having your messages read is optional.

    We also strongly recommend you use DriveSafe.ly with a Text (SMS) messaging plan because when the auto-responder is turned on, your phone will automatically reply to people sending you SMS messages. Note: The auto-responder is optional. You can customize the message and turn it on or off.
    06-09-10 04:51 PM