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    Datebook/Pimlical is a fantastic calendar/planner program available for Palm and I would love to see it made available for Playbook. The program has been updated to run under Android and it is now called Pimlical. It will sync with Google calendar and has a desktop version that runs under Windows as well. I think it is the most versatile calendar program available.

    Please send CESD an email to encourage him to port the program to Playbook and by extension future BB10 phones. If anyone is interested, please email CESD at Pimlico Software <[email protected]> to express your interest.

    The following is an email I received from him and it sounds like if there is enough interest, he might repackage the program.

    When time permits I will look at this – so far only one other person has inquired about this – and it would not be possible to get to this until after the local USB sync for Pimlical/Android is completed as that is something thousands of users are clamoring for. It requires several days of study – downloading their SDK and figuring out what needs to be done in terms of getting the app signed etc. to run on their device – and without any device to look at for testing – this would take some time… Pimlical/Android only brings in $3.50 of revenue/copy – so it does require substantial interest to look at anything like this.


    CESD, Pimlico Software, Inc.
    03-13-12 02:23 AM