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    I have a Blackberry 8520 and this afternoon I rang up T Mobile and asked them to add unlimited Blackberry internet to my package. They said that within 15 minutes I would get a text saying that everything is set up and ready to go. Sure to their word, after 5 minutes I got the text. I opened up my browser and the homepage came up straight away. About an hour later though I decided I would update my blackberry via the Dekstop software to 5.0 and then download Blackberry App World and Blackberry Messenger and Facebook. After the update had completed and my blackberry had rebooted, I opened up the Facebook application and put in my e-mail address and password and I got the error: We cannot reach the Facebook server at this time. Please try again later. (100) Anyone know how to fix this? Another thing, when I open Blackberry App World I get the error: Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again. I can browse the internet in the browser easily and even use Blackberry Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. I have done some googling and found many people are having the same problemshas anyone found a solution?

    Any help will be extremely appreciated,


    Some info I thought might help

    Blackberry Model: Curve 8520
    Data Plan: Unlimited Blackberry Internet
    Network: T-Mobile
    App World Version:
    Blackberry Messenger Version: 5.0.0
    Facebook Version:
    Software Version:
    10-16-10 06:20 PM
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    Have you tried doing a battery pull? If you haven't, please do so. And that surely does sound like a BIS problem to me. Call T-Mobile and see what they'd say.
    10-16-10 10:27 PM
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    I've just done a battery pull and everythings the same, i will ring T-Mobile later and try and sort it out.

    Thanks for your help
    10-17-10 05:31 AM
  4. RWWackostu's Avatar
    Resend service books, then do another battery pull.
    10-18-10 09:55 AM