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    Hi All,
    My First Post here, I am managing a blackberry app (app for SAP Basis), I myself have two BB devices 9700 & Torch and both are from Bell Mobility (locked), the app works fine on my devices, works on Data and Wifi (either one) but when I install the app on Rogers, Fido or Telus devices the app only works on Wifi connection and hangs on Data (Phone).
    The only difference between my phones and others is that in Manage Connection --> Service Status --> BIS and BES says Not Connected and Rogers / Fido and Telus BIS says WiFi.

    Can I change the BIS settings (WiFi)? And why do my phones display (not Connected) even though I can shut down the Phone connection and only connect through Wifi and it works fine.

    Please help
    08-02-11 12:26 PM