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    I have an 8900 and am having a problem with my AIM app. When I receive IM's it plays the sound, which is fine, but I go into the sound profiles and edit the AIM notification to vibrate only and it works fine. But then when I close AIM and open it again the notification goes back to tone instead of vibrate. Like basically it doesn't save the type of notification I put in it just seems to revert back to the default notification settings when the app is restarted.

    This is on my 'Normal' sound profile, when I'm on the 'Vibrate' profile it vibrates but that was on vibrate by default so yea it's basically just going back to the default settings and not saving them.

    Has anyone else had a problem like this? Any way to fix it or am I doing something wrong? Help appreciated thanks.
    08-18-09 02:48 AM
  2. reddmann1976's Avatar
    I actually have the same problem on my 8900...

    I don't like the chime that comes with the phone so I downloaded one from the net that sounds like the computer based AIM and when I save it, it goes back to the BB AIM chime when i changed from silent back to normal.

    Like OP, is there anyone out there that knows what's the problem and how to fix it?

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    08-18-09 11:06 PM