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    I downloaded the new update for app world today from the web and it froze the phone (9810) and deleted it completely from my phone as opposed to updating it. So not knowing what to do next, I downloaded "App World" from the Blackberry site via google search and now it's back on but it says I don't have any apps installed. When I hooked it up to the PC again, it showed 41 apps uninstalled in "my world" and, in "my world" on my phone it shows nothing installed. The apps are all still on my phone so how do I get them to show in App World/My World so I can get the upgrades that are available on the apps? Anyone that can help me here is Thanked in ADVANCE! I don't ask for help very often on this site but really need it this time.
    Thank you,
    03-02-12 03:11 PM
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    UTDATE: 3 battery pulls and a couple of refresh lists and they show on the phone and PC now. Weird but in case it happens to anyone else, try the battery pulls and refresh before you panic like I did. Thanks anyway guys! Sorry to waste the forums time. My appologies!
    03-02-12 03:24 PM