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    Anyone else working or studying towards a career in healthcare? I was chatting with a nurse friend of mine yesterday and she showed me some apps that she uses on her Iphone. These applications help her continuously learn and refresh her knowledge. For example, she was showing me an app that calculates how much of each drug you're suppose to give to a patient. Now a nurse is not allowed to prescribe these meds. That's a physicians job. However, it is the nurses responsibility to question the doctor if the dosage is too high or if there is any other error. This particular app, does everything for you. You input the basic information like age, height and weight and then you select the drug. Then the app will tell you how much of that drug you're suppose to give to that patient.

    Another application she showed me is an app that has pre-recorded breathing sounds. So for example crackles and wheezes.

    Anyways, the app list goes on. In addition to this, I've also noticed that just about every doctor uses an Iphone in the healthcare facility where I work. With such a big selection of medical apps, I doubt they have these gadgets just so that they could play angry birds.

    With that said, it would be nice if Blackberry could get some of these applications. The ones that I found in the app world are just awful. Though I hate the idea of not having a physical keyboard I will most likely be switching to an Iphone. It makes no sense to support a brand that does not support you.

    Anyways, are you working or studying to work in a healthcare field?? Please share your experience. Are there any blackberry apps that you use to refresh and strengthen your knowledge??
    03-18-12 08:00 AM
  2. plh121's Avatar
    Yes, I too find this to be true......are you listening RIM?
    03-18-12 08:43 AM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    there are a ton of medical apps for blackberry you just have to go to their website to get them.

    Epocrates is one at Epocrates Rx for Blackberry | Epocrates that can go for any specialty and we use some specifically for ours which is pediatric nephrology

    http://www.qxmd.com/ is another website
    03-18-12 09:14 AM
  4. shakingthrough's Avatar
    Many Emergency Physicians use Pepid for BB. I have no financial stake in their company. Apparently I cannot post their link yet but it is easily found on the internet.
    03-18-12 09:38 AM
  5. peregrineay's Avatar
    come on RIM ! the trend has started - all those pagers are going to become smartphones and probably iphones if there aren't the proper apps on BB10

    Doctors urged to ditch pagers in favour of smartphones - The Globe and Mail
    09-10-12 04:01 AM