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    Hi CrackBerry members!

    We recently released version 2.1 of our synchronized BlackBerry-Outlook personal organization solution for Getting Things Done called the Viira Outlook Suite. The suite offers a powerful yet easy-to-use organizational system that consists of a BlackBerry app and an Outlook add-in that sync wirelessly over BES and Exchange or via USB.

    In this version we have ported all the new features in Viira 4 (our BlackBerry-centric app) and added a few new capabilities. Here is a brief look at what the new version has to offer:
    - Touchscreen dashboard. The new organizational control center that makes navigating to the main application views a click or a tap away.
    - Support for multiple contexts. You can now classify a task, an email, a note or a contact-based action in as many contexts or tags as you want.
    - Next Actions View. Next actions are a core concept in Getting Things Done and the Viira Outlook Suite makes it easy to flag the tasks that are immediately actionable quickly. All next actions can be seen and organized from the new Next Actions view.
    - Hide Completed. Focus only on the things that are left uncompleted and hide all completed tasks.

    The new version of the Outlook plugin has a number of smaller enhancements to boost usability, performance and ultimately make it an easier and more effective tool to use.

    Version 2.1 is supported on OS 5.0 and Microsoft Outlook 2003 or better. We also offer a 14-day free trial. I have attached a few screenshots here, for full information you can go to www.kartamobile.com/gtdoutlook.

    We are also in the process of launching a Viira Playbook client as well as a cloud-synced version of the suite for those of you who want to sync wirelessly but don't have BES. If your are interested or would like to join our beta program you can get more info and sign up here.
    Attached Thumbnails GTD app for BlackBerry and Outlook: Version 2.1 Released-dashboard-9800.png   GTD app for BlackBerry and Outlook: Version 2.1 Released-day_view.png   GTD app for BlackBerry and Outlook: Version 2.1 Released-project.png   GTD app for BlackBerry and Outlook: Version 2.1 Released-next_actions.png   GTD app for BlackBerry and Outlook: Version 2.1 Released-outlook_plugin_gtd_projects.jpg  

    10-21-12 02:54 PM

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