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    Hi, I'm looking for a good gps tracking app so I can put on my son's blackberry so I can track where he is and where he goes. I need it to be invisable so he won't know I'm tracking him. I have tried a couple diff ones but u have to send email or text to that phone and he is able to see that. So if you all know anyway that I can do this please give me your suggestions/input. Thanks in advance to everyone that helps.

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    07-23-10 09:16 AM
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    Come on folks!! I know some of you have did this before lol...
    07-23-10 05:58 PM
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    Goto emacberry.com Software for BlackBerry® Devices with OS 4.2.1 or higher GPSLogger.

    The link is listed in the program. I have not tried it and I don't know why or how I found the program. I have used it while riding my bike but have not learned all that it can do.
    07-23-10 06:35 PM
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    I still haven't really found a gps tracker that I like. Need suggestions from other peeps that may have used something like this. Thanks

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    07-30-10 10:23 AM
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    07-30-10 06:27 PM
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    Verizon has a Family tracking package. It used to be called Chaperone. I'm not sure what it's called now. You might check on that.
    07-30-10 09:46 PM
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    I am on the BB so I can't see your carrier but ATT has a similar product to above.

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    07-30-10 10:42 PM