1. IndePanda's Avatar
    For the first time, today I set up the GPS toggle on my QuickLaunch. After setting it up, I tried it out and it worked perfectly on that first try. I thought, "how cool is that!" But then, I tried it again to see if it would toggle it back ... and it didn't.
    Why did my toggle work the first time after setting up but won't toggle it back?

    Until I can get it to work, I set up the "GPS Config" on QuickLaunch, and that is also a nice, time-saving feature because it opens up the GPS screens automatically so that I can then change it to Location Off or Location On. But the Toggle would be really cool, if I could get it to work.

    Also, another question. If you turn Location off in GPS, is it also necessary to change the other two location options to "Disable"?

    This is a great app, one of my favorites for my BlackBerry Tour 9630.
    06-20-10 04:29 PM
  2. gmkahuna's Avatar
    Write CheetahAce and ask him. He is the developer and can answer these questions better than anyone. I have yet to have an issue with GPS or Bluetooth toggle. I'm sure it's probably something simple.
    06-20-10 04:33 PM