1. patomwazi's Avatar
    am having trouble with finding the best gps app for tracking my rides and runs...i had ''imapmyride'' but could only work when in a wifi hotspot when i needed to save/retreive workouts and when logging in....data costs are not a problem just need to be able to access my info at anytime...so need an app that can work outside a wifi zone...OR MAYBE I DID SOMETHING WRONG...pls advice...
    04-17-11 03:54 PM
  2. pdl2mtl90's Avatar
    Try GPSpeedOMeter. I have been using it since the beat phase and it works really well. And the developer is very helpful. BlackBerry App World - GPSpeedOMeter
    04-17-11 05:31 PM
  3. ba_hamilton's Avatar
    Take a look at GPSLogger 2. Its a free app and is very good. I don't have a link handy but search CB and you will find it.

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    04-18-11 12:10 AM
  4. sam81's Avatar
    +1 on GPSpeedOMeter. Excellent program and support is excellent.

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    04-18-11 08:02 AM
  5. patomwazi's Avatar
    thanks guys...Gps-logger doesnt have a map...i need one with map, speed, time, distance, savable on SD card when network not present, one that doesnt rely on Wi-Fi, i have a data plan so that should not be a problem, online support(ie i can see my stats online)...any more suggestions
    04-19-11 02:52 AM
  6. skfreak's Avatar
    04-19-11 05:47 AM
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    I'm not wanting to sound like a smartalec at all, but you might also look into some of Garmin's GPS watches. They have a ton of features, different settings for running vs riding, are very accurate, and the ones without HRM functions are relatively affordable. They also have an online system for uploading, tracking and analyzing your activity. It's also a easier (for me anyway) to wear a gps watch instead of dealing with bringing my BB on a run.

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    04-19-11 05:59 AM