1. Noaxis2#CB's Avatar
    Hello all, I have been reading the forum for a while attempting different suggestions by you guys/gals to try and figure out my memory leak problem. Every day I would watch my memory dwindle to a low number (7mb at one point) with my Storm slowing significantly and/or freezing I then, of course, would have to do a battery pull. Now, after my steps below, I only have a high 20's for app memory, but it has limited my problems so far. Its kind of sad that we have to go through all these steps (some definitely more than me) just to get our Storms working properly. Anyhow,

    here's what I did:

    - set my Auto on/off to a time when I don't use the phone (Options>Auto on/off> and enable)
    - Enabled my memory cleaning (Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning>and set to your preference)
    - and then I deleted several recently download apps (Touchbubbles, Launchpad, MySpace - I got 2-3 mb back when I deleted Myspace & then the one that was main memory leaker - Viigo)

    Actually, all the other steps were just a bonus, but when I deleted Viigo, I have minimal memory leaking and if my Storm's memory does leak, it goes back to around 27mb.

    I like Viigo, but it caused too much frustration. I imagine Viigo will be functional and healthy some day. Sorry Viigo developers, but knowing of Viigo's initial problems, is probably helpful to you.

    Oh, I am running OS .75
    01-06-09 01:54 PM
  2. HarlyFan's Avatar
    You can still use Viigo and limit the number of subscriptions and you minimize any leaks
    01-06-09 01:56 PM
  3. thesandman215's Avatar
    just curious, does the curve have as much memory leak and get as slow as the storm?
    01-06-09 01:57 PM