1. Yung_Dilla's Avatar
    I just got updated from ss i went from to 9.5.98 so they are still working on it this new version is dooooope (i'm not bragging lol) keep the faith.
    04-30-10 06:44 PM
  2. JoelTruckerDude's Avatar
    Ummmmm, fortunately the other 90% of us have moved on to bigger and better things besides this "epic fail" of an app, if your gonna develop an app, at least have the courtesy to inform the public it's a "private club" app

    Funny thing is "if and when" they ever release it to the public, there will be ten other apps just like it. lol
    04-30-10 07:32 PM
  3. Damademan3's Avatar
    Im one of those that moved on away from Social Scope. Basically it ate my battery and they had terrible support. When having a app in alpha or beta testing you should have better support when people bring up bugs/issues with your app. I was not impressed then and even with a update it does not tempt me to reinstall it anytime soon.
    04-30-10 10:03 PM
  4. bad_boy321's Avatar
    What about Social Beat? Any difference or are they both useless apps? My daughter wants it but I'm not sure I will let her download it if its going to be a waste of time and battery killer.
    04-30-10 10:07 PM