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    Good morning all!

    Quick question for you power BB users. I'm new to the BB... had my Tour almost a week. I've recently converted my work email into a forward to my gmail account which is working very well. I have configured my Gmail account to send all outbound messages with the address me@myworkdomain.com rather than mygmailact@gmail.com.

    I notice this morning when I send messages out from my BB through the Google Gmail App for BB my outbound messages are all stamped as being from (with reply to address) is mygmailact@gmail.com. Is there anyway to correct this so that my BB email via the Gmail software will display the correct address of myworkdomain.com?

    I really like the gmail client better than configuring the BIS for this account... but unfortunately that may be the only way to go if i cant find a fix for the Gmail app.

    Your help much appreciated!!
    07-20-09 09:12 AM