1. The Critic's Avatar
    With the introduction of the new limited use data plans, I am considering a switch to the new $15/mo 200mb Blackberry Data Plan.

    Since Google Voice works through the data channel and allows unlimited SMS, I plan to cancel and block my text messaging plan.

    However, I need to find out how much data Google Voice will use when the service is used to send SMS messages. So, does anyone here use Google Voice exclusively for text messaging, and if so, how much per month in data do you use?

    06-03-10 02:38 PM
  2. gnahc79's Avatar
    I think you should calculate it based on how you use SMS, it can vary widely by how you use text messaging.

    SMS msg = max 160 bytes
    possible header info from GV sending the SMS through data = 16 bytes (wild guess)

    # of text messages * 176 bytes, convert to MB (1 byte = 9.53674316 10-7 megabyte).

    for example: 1MB of data = ~6,000 txt messages of full length.

    assume the avg SMS is 50bytes (for "When will u be home? Can u get some eggs and milk?"). 1MB of data = ~16,000 txt messages.
    06-03-10 05:12 PM