1. ffejie's Avatar
    Considering Google Voice is shutdown, I decided I'd try to hack together a solution with ShortcutMe. The goal here is to do the outbound calling and have it come from my Google Voice account. I'm a little stuck, and was looking for a ShortcutMe pro to help me out.

    If you dial your own Google Voice number, then press 2, then dial a number, then press #, it dials out for you. Can we automate this with ShortcutMe? I think so. Here's the plan:

    1. Open the address book
    2. Select a contact (manually)
    3. Highlight the number to dial
    4. Copy the number to clipboard
    5. Switch to phone app
    6. Type out my Google Voice number in the manual dial
    7. Add a Wait
    8. Add a "2"
    9. Paste the number
    10. Add a "#"
    11. Dial

    Here's the Macro code I wrote, that doesn't quite work. I matched them up with the numbers above:

    1. LaunchAndWait AddressBook;Delay6000;
    4. HighlightedtoCB;
    5. LaunchandWait Phone;
    6. NavMoveUp1;Delay500;Key 1234567890;
    7. MENUKey;NavMoveDown5;NavClick
    8. Key 2;
    9. PasteFromCB;
    10. Key #
    11. SENDKey;

    Here's the problem. Whenever I have highlighted text in the Address Book and I try to launch the phone, it just dials the number directly. Is there a different way to solve this problem that someone can think of?
    04-28-13 11:05 PM
  2. Vijik's Avatar
    For 1 to 4 try this:

    1. LaunchAndWait AddressBook;
    Prompt; /*Or use 'Suspend' macro instead of 'Prompt' */
    4. HighlightedtoCB;
    5. LaunchandWait Phone;

    'Prompt' macro will stop the macros temporary until ShortcutMe is launched again. That means you can highlight the phone number and whenever you are ready hit convenience key to continue with the macros (instead of waiting for the 6 seconds to pass).

    'ESCKey;ESCKey;' will close the AddressBook.
    04-30-13 07:30 PM
  3. ffejie's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips! Suspend works great, and have added that.

    However, ESCKey,ESCKey doesn't seem to do anything. Upon some troubleshooting, it looks like HighlightedToCB is actually triggering the dial. I put long delays in the macro and when it's supposed to be copying to clipboard, it's actually dialing the number. Is this possible?
    05-02-13 10:52 AM
  4. ffejie's Avatar
    I got it working. It appears that HightlightToCB and PasteFromCB were the problem. I had to manually reconstruct these using the MENUKey. Your mileage on this may vary, as I had to count the number of NavMoveUp to do this. I also changed it so that you trigger the macro once you already have selected the number you want to dial.

    I have a bunch of (probably unnecessary) delays in the script, because the commands were kind of walking all over each other. You can probably skinny these down to delay 50 or less and get the same results.

    MENUKey; /* toggle menu and push "E" twice to get to edit, then scroll up one to get to copy */
    SPKey e,
    SPKey e;
    NavClick; /* click copy */
    LaunchAndWait Phone; /* open up the dialer */
    NavMoveUp1; /* scroll to dial field */
    Key 99999999; /* Your Google Voice phone number */
    MENUKey; /* scroll to a 'WAIT' command on the dial and add it */
    Key 2; /* dial 2 to dial out on Google Voice menu */
    MENUKey; /* add a PAUSE command */
    MENUKey; /* paste the number from the clipboard */
    Key #; /* add # sign to close the number in Google Voice */
    SENDKey; /* DIAL OUT! Woohoo! */
    05-02-13 02:30 PM
  5. MrC05's Avatar
    Why do all of that when you can side load GV. Works well. All notifications are in app. The alert shows in the hub. The only draw back is, you can't control that piece. Text messages and everything works just fine.
    05-02-13 03:12 PM
  6. ffejie's Avatar
    Well, I have a 9930 and am anxiously awaiting the Q10 - so that's a start.... This is a hack to get it working again on OS7.

    Glad to hear it's working well on BB10. Can you elaborate what isn't working?
    05-02-13 04:59 PM

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