1. emerald0130's Avatar
    not sure if this has been asked before..but i've been reading a lot about Google Voice and would love to try it. Is it available in Canada also?
    07-16-09 10:42 AM
  2. lhiew's Avatar
    Got the invite too, but can't use it cause I'm in Canada. It detects that your IP is not from the US and prevents you from logging in.

    Hope it'll be available soon.
    07-18-09 02:00 AM
  3. Route_90's Avatar
    Try GuerrillaTel.com's app. It's awesome.
    07-23-09 12:42 PM
  4. carl655321's Avatar
    I live in the US, am travelling to Canada. Wondering if any US users have tried Google Voice in Canada and whether the 1 cent per minute held true. I have Verizon.
    07-26-09 06:56 PM