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    I've been using google voice for about 1 month. I have a BB tour on Verizon with an unlimited data (internet) plan. I've been under the impression that all the calls I make to lan lines or other mobile #'s (non-verizon) using google voice would be free and not count against my verizon minutes... I notice everytime I call out it dials through a 916 area code # before connecting.

    Does this mean I am using my verizon minutes or not??? It would be easy to check my monthly bill, but I am under a company plan and don't receive a monthly bill / statement.

    The following article on Gizmodo (How To: Totally Overhaul Your Phones With Google Voice - Google Voice - Gizmodo) made me nervous since it states:

    Lastly, the way American phones work, you're still going to end up paying for your minutes, somehow. Just because Google Voice says you can make free domestic calls and cheap international calls doesn't mean that you actually can: in both cases, you need to dial out to Google Voice's external system in the first place, which means you're still using your monthly minute allotment.

    ---- To me that states that when using the google voice app and it calling through for me a 916 number that I am using minutes??? While I though this was ll through the unlimted data / internet plan??

    Please let me know your thoughts... Sorry for being such a long message.
    03-24-10 05:10 PM
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    You will use your plan minutes to call your access number. Google Voice is not a voip application.
    03-24-10 10:54 PM
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    You can get google voice calls to not count towards your plan minutes if you (a) have a plan that allows you to create 5 or 10 "friends, family" numbers, (b) make one of those numbers your google voice number, and (c) either call your google voice number first to place the call (sucks) or place the call through the website on your browser. The call will come into your phone first as your google voice number and it wont count towards your plan minutes.

    Also, if people call you on your google voice number, set your account to show your google voice number as the incoming number and turn on "call presentation." Google voice will tell you who's calling before you accept (or decline) and the call will be seen as being from your google voice number.

    On the other hand, your company might be concerned that the majority of your "work" calls are from one number but...
    03-25-10 02:02 AM
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    Can someone kindly send me a Google Voice invite
    03-25-10 11:27 AM
  5. Joeriginal's Avatar
    03-25-10 11:28 AM
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    to the op - it WILL use your vzw plan minutes. GV never worked that great for me - the text translation of voice messages was horrible, new vm's wouldn't appear in my gv app for over 15 minutes, and I could never get it to play messages through bluetooth.
    03-25-10 11:33 AM