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    Both apps are working fine, but I don't know if something is wrong with one of the two, or if it is me that doesn't know what to do, and I'm leaning towards that it is me not knowing what I'm doing.

    I just recently upgraded from my 8320 to a 8900. On my 8320 I had many entries in my native calendar app and kept it updated with my google account via google sync. Now that I am using my 8900, I would like to have all of my calendar entries that I had on my 8320. So when I use google sync, it shows a successful sync with the number of new/deleted/updated events, but I can't see them in the calendar app! What am I doing wrong, or how can I get these entries to show up on the calendar?

    05-27-10 06:42 PM
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    do you have that email as your default for your calendar?
    05-27-10 07:38 PM
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    Options-Advanced Options-Default Services-Calendar (CICAL)

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    05-27-10 10:58 PM