1. YITBOS7's Avatar
    Hey gang -- I noticed that most posts regarding Google Sync issues are pertaining to conflicts, etc, while using Google Sync... I'm having a problem with not being able to connect at all.

    I've got Google Sync version 0.5.15 installed, and when I run it and enter my credentials, I see the black info screen telling me "Signing is as 'userid', connecting to Google" -- and it sits there forever.

    Then, when I hit escape, I see the "Last Calendar Sync Failed" message, attempt to log out, and then the logout screen sits forever and never does so.

    This happens whether I sign in through WiFi or via network, and all permission seem to be correct. is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    Thanks much!!
    07-26-09 05:08 PM
  2. justlovejoy's Avatar
    I just synced my contacts after reading this and I downloaded it from the google mobile app. Took a little while on the iden network but I had no problems or errors. Try a re-install after a deletion of the version you have now. Do a battery pull and see if it works then. Also try to make sure any unused apps aren't hogging up your phones resources! PM if you like!

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    07-26-09 06:11 PM