05-02-10 10:03 AM
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  1. morfy50's Avatar
    Earlier today I installed GoogleSync 0.7.2 on my BlackBerry Storm2 (9550, OS version, replacing GoogleSync 0.5.13 (I think it was 0.5.13, but Iím not sure; I saw it in the new install screen for only a moment).

    GoogleSync 0.7.2 does not work on my Storm2 and is completely corrupted and unusable. Actually it successfully synced, but the GUI/screen is unusable.

    My previous installation of GoogleSync 0.5.x was working fine, so I thought the upgrade would work even better, but now I canít even use it!

    The GUI in the Options screen is patchy and disjointed looking; I canít select buttons; I canít scroll to see the choices in the Options.

    To make matters worse, I tried deleting GoogleSync 0.7.2 from my BlackBerry Storm2 (9550) and reinstalling it, but now I canít log in to the new installation because the GUI is so messed up; all I can do is enter my email address, but I cannot click on/select the password field to enter my password.

    Does anyone know how to reinstall the old version of GoogleSync (0.5.13) that worked?

    Or some other solution to my problems with GoogleSync 0.7.2?
    Just out of curiosity have to tried enabling or disabling compatibility mode? Sounds like that could be the problem if the ui is messed up.
    03-25-10 10:21 PM
  2. SmoothRT's Avatar
    In Google Calendar, you can choose to add other public calendars (such as holidays, the schedule for your favorite sports team, etc.). In the Google Sync options, you can choose which of your Google Calendars you wish to sync to your blackberry calendar. For example, in Google Calendar I can see my calendar, my wife's calendar, and my favorite baseball team's schedule. I choose to only sync mine and my wife's calendar with the blackberry calendar. I didn't want to fill my blackberry calendar up with baseball games almost every day during the season, but I could do that.

    Unfortunately, like other people have said, you cannot sync to different blackberry calendars on your device. All of the google calendars you choose will sync to your default calendar on your device. It would be really sweet if they allow you to sync different google calendars to different bb calendars (so my calendar and my wife's would be separate and easy to differentiate by color), but this is not possible (yet).
    03-26-10 12:54 PM
  3. habs_fan's Avatar
    i have a NHL calendar on my computer (google) but i don't see that option on my BB to sync the NHL Calendar
    03-26-10 12:59 PM
  4. SmoothRT's Avatar
    After opening Google Sync, hit the Menu key and then choose Options. If you scroll down to the bottom, there should be an area where it says "Sync these Calendars". Scroll underneath that, it should highlight the calendars listed, and then click. That should bring you to a screen that lists all of your Google Calendars and allows you to check a box next to the ones that you want to sync.
    03-26-10 01:03 PM
  5. ExpressJTS's Avatar
    If I try to delete an all day event from my phone, the deletion doesn't sync to my google calendar. Does the update fix this?
    03-28-10 02:02 PM
  6. H_D's Avatar
    i can't get it to sync my sports calendar.. any settings you had to change in google or anywhere?
    I downloaded & used the iCal schedule for the team then added it to Google Calendar.
    04-05-10 03:18 PM
  7. zeromaru's Avatar
    is it normal that repetitive apointments are sinced as individual ones, with "x" copies to the blackberry ?
    04-05-10 04:24 PM
  8. yorkkid11's Avatar
    is there a way to sync the lakers and yankees google calendar to my blackberry using google sync because currently i am using google sync to sync my facebook and us holidays but for some reason it wont sync the Lakers and Yankees calendar..
    05-01-10 09:27 PM
  9. yorkkid11's Avatar
    i have a NHL calendar on my computer (google) but i don't see that option on my BB to sync the NHL Calendar
    This is also my problem but with MLB and NBA calendar..
    05-01-10 09:36 PM
  10. visualpurple's Avatar
    is there any way to get Google Sync to sync your "tasks" calendar?
    05-02-10 10:03 AM
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