1. zap2012's Avatar
    I've looked around a little bit to see if anyone has posted on the same topic. If someone has, please let me know.

    Here's my situation. I've got a Bold 9700. I have two e-mail addresses attached to it, my work and my gmail. My work e-mail is set as the default e-mail for the calendar. I enter new appointments from both the BB and Outlook, then sync over USB. No problems there.

    Now, my girlfriend and I decided that it would be really helpful if we could look at each others' social but not work schedules. In other words, I don't want to see her work appointments, but I'd like to know what nights she'll be home for dinner. Same for her. We set up a shared Google calendar, and I downloaded Google sync. What I'd ideally like is for all of our shared events to show up on my BB in a different color (i.e., under a different e-mail address or in a different calendar) than all of my work appointments. I'd also like to be able to choose which of my newly added appointments go to the shared calendar.

    Right now, if either of us enters something on Google calendars from our PCs, they'll show up on my BB. But they show up under the same calendar as my work stuff, even though my work e-mail is NOT my gmail. I don't see any way to control which calendar on my BB Google sync adds appointments to. Does anyone know how I can change that so that it doesn't affect my work e-mail?

    Then, does anyone know how I can control which appointments I enter on my BB get sent to the Google calendar via Google sync? Is that even possible?
    09-01-10 01:17 AM
  2. FlScot's Avatar
    Same problem. I have a 8530 Curve running v5.0.0.654. I have 5 email addresses coming in and am also having a secondary calendar being synced. Anyone have a solution to this glitch? Thanks in advance.
    09-01-10 06:42 AM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    that's problem with syncing, it will only sync with the default calendar. no way around this at this point in time. it also will not change colors when syncing either. you can only get that to happen if you manually add appts in a different calendar other than your default.
    09-01-10 07:59 AM
  4. zap2012's Avatar
    I simply refuse to believe that it is impossible to change what calendar Google Sync syncs with on the BB. I mean, why would anyone design a program that picks a calendar at random without any way to change it. There must be some way to do it, and I'm sure someone's figured it out.

    09-01-10 10:36 AM
  5. Xopher's Avatar
    Yup. Google Sync will only sync the default calendar.

    Another option, instead of using a separate Google calendar, if you are both using BlackBerrys, is to set up a BBM Group for the two of you. You can then use the Group calendar to put events in for the two of you. Anything entered into one BB group calendar will automatically show up on the other.

    You can also use Lists to track things. We have a family group here. Any family events go into the BBM Group calendar. We also have a grocery list that all of us can enter things into. Whoever goes to the grocery store has the shopping list with them.

    When we plan a vacation/trip, we create a checklist of things we'll need for the trip. Any of us can add to the list and we can check them off when one of us either gets something from the list, or completes a task.
    09-01-10 03:56 PM