05-03-13 11:52 AM
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  1. reuven85's Avatar
    Although google sync doesnt work anymore I found a bit of a roundabout way of gettiing your google contacts on to your blackberry, here are the instructions...
    1: Open Gmail contacts, more, choose contacts, export it as a outlook csv format (middle option)
    2: open the built in WINDOWS 7 CONTACTS, click import, click csv (top one), locate your downloaded csv file
    3: Open up Blackberry Desktop Software, organizer, configure settings, address book and select windows 7 contacts, choose your own options (2 way, 1 way etc.)
    4: Click device, click sync by type, click organizer and let it Sync...GOOD LUCK PEOPLE
    12-24-12 11:43 PM
  2. Adhariwal's Avatar
    Hi I have BB bold 9780 and i am unable to sync my google contacts and calendar.

    12-25-12 02:48 AM
  3. Juanan Esteban's Avatar
    I've tried the URL to download google sync and got this error message when downloading the app: "907 Invalid COD. HTTP 500 error"
    Any alternative to get google sync app?

    Thanks and Happy Christmas
    12-25-12 04:01 AM
  4. Rania Abdulla's Avatar
    How did you come around the 907 error glitch because I am unable. Pls help. Thanks
    12-26-12 04:31 PM
  5. olblueyez's Avatar
    I'd like to know why everyone is wasting more time doing this the ghetto way and starting redundant threads when the phone has all this covered with NO 3rd PARTY APPS!!!


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    12-28-12 04:05 AM
  6. Salander27's Avatar
    Dearest olblueyez... tho they are appreciated you are being a little rude.. what does one do if one does not have this option on their phone. I go to setup.. the first icon is bbm.. email does not appear. I don't have a data plan.. I have only certain social items but I NEED my calendar sync... Do I now need to acquire a data plan and do my sync this way? or is there a newly created google sync... type app...
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    12-28-12 07:41 AM
  7. Salander27's Avatar
    Ok, I have now done this as my SP was having a monthly plan deal... so I've done the above, why isn't my google calendar populating into my phone then?
    12-28-12 01:15 PM
  8. Salander27's Avatar
    oops.. *blush* forgot to hit save.
    12-28-12 01:29 PM
  9. olblueyez's Avatar
    I was rude because I have posted this same solution in another thread dealing with the same issue and once again we have people spinning wheels. Sometimes people need a wake-up call.


    I'm glad it works for you now, that's why I took the time to load my wife's Gmail account, make the screen shots, draw on them, and delete her account.
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    12-29-12 06:14 AM
  10. tomelongname's Avatar
    After the last few days of frustration with losing GOOGLE SYNC I didn't even need the app for the last few years?

    Thanks and will see how this simple setup fix works.
    12-29-12 09:18 AM
  11. olblueyez's Avatar
    Yeah, those pesky email settings are a beach!
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    12-29-12 02:10 PM
  12. ahallmadison's Avatar
    Thank you for posting this information. It helped me restore the Google Sync function on my BlackBerry after reps at U.S. Cellular were stumped.
    12-31-12 02:43 PM
  13. Coxwain's Avatar
    The multiple calendar option does not work this way. I need muliple calendar option and or .ics calendar feed option so that I can add all my calendars from google and ther subscribed calendars.

    My bb became useless on dec 13th 2012
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    01-01-13 09:10 AM
  14. jimcampbell100's Avatar
    When I tried this approach in the past, there were a few issues for me:

    - it downloaded all the email from gmail - not just the Inbox (I use filters to cut down to the important items)
    - it creates a separate contacts list, and did not actually sync the google contacts with my device (in my case, the BES)
    - it only supports the main calendar (no ics support from the google account)

    Does anyone know if these are these still issues?
    01-02-13 10:04 AM
  15. Crowezine's Avatar
    Google Sync still works on my PlayBook, but my calendar on my phone doesn't necessarily need to "sync", because rather than adding events to my general calendar, I add them to my crowezine@gmail.com calendar, which is an option when you start to add an event. Same with my playbook. So that I add an event on one, within a minute or two, an event appears on both PlayBook and Phone.
    01-02-13 10:10 AM
  16. catalinp's Avatar
    dear Olblueyez, I made the steps you recommended with my BB Torch 9860 but it did not work. I save the settings but nothing happens. Please tel me what can be the problem ?
    01-02-13 03:18 PM
  17. Humbertogw's Avatar
    Syncing the gmail contacts with the native BB app will produce 2 contact lists that do not communicate as did before the Google Sync App; contacts will also show as duplicate.
    The problem is that I have a company's BB, syncing to BIS, and a private iPhone sync to my Gmail account. Google Sync kept both up to date, as if they were one single contact (in fact, the BB showed only Desktop contacts).
    Any clues on how to solving, apart from Apps like GooSync or AstraSync (close to $50 year subscription!)?
    01-02-13 07:57 PM
  18. Coxwain's Avatar
    Does google have a pay solution for google sync. The program worked perfectly before and I would be happy to pay something for the same function.

    I cannot understand how rim cannot allow .ics or calendar syncing natively to their devices. I thought rim was supposed to be the cats *** of email and calendar features.?
    01-04-13 08:53 AM
  19. syncless's Avatar
    I would really like this file as had to uninstall the sync programme as was not working

    Ive tried installing the file but it doesn't seem to work, i get an error message on my phone 'download failed' in details it says '907 invalid COD HTTP error 500: internal server error.

    any ideas?
    01-06-13 05:17 PM
  20. Coxwain's Avatar
    the googlesync for blackberry no longer works. Even if you get the file it will not longer sync with the Google servers for multiple calendars.

    Basic primary calendar and contacts will continue to sync through the BIS.

    I understand that iOS will be shut off at the end of January as well for multiple calendar sync.

    What is the paid version of google sync for mult
    01-09-13 09:42 AM
  21. bbrout's Avatar
    I am very much a newby to bb uploads. You have a link to http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4621398/goog...oogle_sync.jad and I have downloaded what looks like source into a wordpad file. How do I load this into my bb? Like, where do I put it and what do I do when I put it there?
    01-09-13 12:17 PM
  22. bbrout's Avatar
    oops, hey, it's in set-up. Helps when you read the posts. trying it now. Let you know if it works.
    01-09-13 12:22 PM
  23. Coxwain's Avatar
    Here is my band aide fix to try to make a Blackberry work with modern technology.

    Here is my Sitch.
    6 people in my family, myself, wife and 4 children age 7-12
    I have set up 6 gmail accounts and was trying to get the older children to manage their scheduales on their ipads, itouchs or blackberry.
    parent 1 has their own schedule and can add/update/view each of the chidlrens calendars
    parent 2 samee as above

    Child 1 has gmail calendar and may have 1 .ics subscribed calendar, itouch, bb
    child2 has gmail calendar and 1 or 2 .ics subscribed calendars for the teams he is on, itouch and ipads
    Child 3 & 4 the same as child 2

    There are 3 blackberry's that I want this to work on. The itouches and ipads work with multiple calendars without any problem

    Since google sync no longer works I will do the following.
    add the gmail email address for each of the children to both parents bb's through the BIS interface
    Add the gmail email address for the 1 child with the blackberry.

    When adding the childrens gmail email address, I only sync the calendar not contacts. The problem I get is that any gmail email will come through to the same device. HOW CAN I BLOCK THE EMAIL FROM GETTING PUSHED THROUGH?

    The other thing missing is that I have no way of syncing .ics subscribed calendars to the bb.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Update, if you click on the FILTER when managing email addresses in BIS internet screen, ie https://fido.blackberry.com/ you can click a button that will not forward emails. Most excited to see fi this works.

    I just added 4 additional gmail acccounts to my bis profile and set all sync callendar and do not forward email. So far they work. Even better than before as Now I think i can acctually schedule items or revise the separate calendars, which I couldnt do before.

    Now we just need the .ics subscription feature and I will continue with BB.

    Anyone have a work around for the .ics subscription calendar?

    If you are trying to figure out what your BIS portal looks like here are some things to consider

    do a google search for your carrier BIS, ie rogers BIS, or fido BIS
    https://bis.na.blackberry.com (this looks like it will work with most NA carriers, Rogers, Bell, verizon, ATT, Virgin Mobile)

    Set this up and you can manage all your emails accounts from this portal. Its good to know if you look after all the people in your house blackberry's
    Last edited by coxwain; 01-09-13 at 03:15 PM.
    01-09-13 12:34 PM
  24. LyoobaBerry's Avatar
    On my Playbook, I have Gmail accounts (both Gmail and GoogleApps one) set as Exchange. Full sync works without a glitch. Plenty of online guides on how to do that.
    01-10-13 08:13 AM
  25. Coxwain's Avatar
    The playbook isnt the issue.

    The Blackberry Hand held devices are.

    The playbook does the syncing without too much trouble so I would assume the BB10 will have the same features as that. Ability to add .ics calender feeds etc.

    What are we supposed to do with the "best email and calendar handling device" that cannot accept .ics subscribed calendars?
    01-10-13 08:42 AM
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